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How Mother Brown’s Brought The Dining Room To The People

There were so many people we were feeding. I think 1,400 people a day, all day, every day”
Gwendolyn Westbrook

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Unhoused People in Southeast San Francisco to Receive Free COVID-19 Testing

“The services – and what they were offering to us – no one could pass that up, especially when you’re in a community that’s been overlooked for so long on every issue,” she said. “Something like this happens, it makes you want to cry. Somebody finally noticed we need help out here. And we really do.”
As for Mother Brown’s barbecue, Westbrook said, “Our food is made with love. We can’t put a roof over their heads. The least we can do is make sure they’re nice and full with good food.”

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Food For Your Body, Food For Your Soul

Partnership: Mother Brown's & The Curtis Family C-notes

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Serving up food and song for the people: Curtis Family Cnotes partners with Mother Brown’s Dining Room, bringing groceries and music to the community

“We are handing out food and singing songs to brighten and lighten their load,” said Maestro Curtis, aka “Papa C” in the family band that has been dubbed the City’s “First Family of Song” by California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis. “This is music for the people, food for the people. Music is so very, very important to our existence. Even the birds sing. Music is just as important as it is to breathe, as it is to have food for nourishment. We need to have our spirits nourished.”

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Mother Brown’s Dining Room helps Bayview homeless

Mother Brown's continues to feed/house the homeless, whether the non profit receives funding or not, oftentimes Gwen Westbrook will pay out of her own pocket to ensure services continue.